I am a wanderer who no longer wanders

A Buckeye by birth, I've lived in Ohio, Indiana, Idaho, Belgium and Texas before finally settling in Georgia. I share my home with two retired racing Greyhounds, and all three of us are ruled by my senior citizen Italian Greyhound.

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My Writing is somewhat eclectic:

From the time I was 13, I wanted to write "The Great American Novel." Alas, my personal writing style seems to be poetry and short stories rather than novels. In my day-job, I've also written computer software user-guides and training courses. Maybe the novel will arrive someday. Meanwhile, I'll continue to write what God brings to mind, in whatever form it best fits

My faith is summed up in the Nicene Creed.


I believe in the triune God, the saving grace of His son Jesus Christ, and the reality of His Holy Spirit.

I also believe that the God who loves me has a plan for me, and just because I don't always know what it is doesn't mean that things are not proceeding according to His plan.

Sometimes things get rough, and it's hard to remember that I believe everything I just said. At those times, I hang onto the thoughts that God Loves Me and God Is Good. That's enough, because those are the times when God is hanging onto me.

Denominationally diverse, I call myself a Christian "mutt" becuase I have attended or been a member of (in alphabetical order) Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, non-denominational and Presbyterian congregations. God met me in every church I attended, whether it had 10 members or 1000.

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