A chronically ill woman; a crazy man; a grieving mother. Only God could ease their pain, but would He?

You think you know their stories: you’ve read them since childhood. Read them again – it will feel like the first time.

Mary Young takes you inside their heads and hearts, and shows you their encounters with the Christ through their own eyes.

Anyone who has ever doubted whether God would really help him or her will find encouragement in these pages.


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Their lives changed forever when they saw themselves -- and their God -- Through Love's Eyes

  • A woman faces her past when she meets a stranger.
  • A man’s broken heart is more debilitating than his broken back.
  • A woman learns that bitterness is dissolved by love.
  • A man crazed by anger finds that even a legion of demons is no match for the King of Creation.
  • An ill woman must choose between hope of life or certainty of death.
  • A boy is amazed at how large his lunch really is.
  • A woman’s bad choices bring her to the brink of death.
  • A man waits for his best friend, who arrives too late.
  • A mother challenges Yahweh to explain Himself to her.
  • A man apologizes for doing his job.
  • A man is disillusioned with his current employer and wants a new leader.



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